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Some inspiring Easter hymns

‘Jesus Christ is Risen today!’ By Charles Wesley.

Watch it till the end, it is musically uplifting and an inspiring example of how Christians are meeting together and singing together during the COVID-19 pandemic.

‘It is well with my soul’

Sung by the Wartburg Choir, April 24, 2016, at First Plymouth Church, Lincoln Nebraska during the 10:30 Worship Service, . Lee Nelson, Conductor. Tom Trenney, Organist.

‘Thine is the glory’

The final hymn sung at the Easter, 2013, services at First Plymouth Church, Lincoln, Nebraska, March 31.

An upbeat version of ‘Jesus Christ is Risen today’.

Words by Charles Wesley, & music by Lyra Davidica

Messy Family Fun

At home with the kids?

Here is a set of things that you might like to do with the young at heart in your family while at home! It is based on ‘Messy Church’, and comes from the good old USA. It includes readings & a whole lot of interesting things based on Holy week to keep kids busy. Check it out! You might find some of you who are young at heart, but not so young in body, will love to join in. Give it a go.

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