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Morning Tea on Zoom

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In a new initiative for the region people can now meet together online on Sunday at 10.30 am. I have called it ‘Morning Tea on Zoom’ because that is what we will be doing. We will share our thoughts, spend some time in prayer, and will be using ‘Zoom’ as a way of connecting together. I have included a link below to some instructions on how to set up the software. Keith can provide phone assistance to anyone who might need it. If you would like to come along please contact Keith Robinson with your name (mailto:baldmagic@gmail.com). We will send you an email with the necessary details.

If you have no experience with Zoom I suggest you have a look at the following video of nearly 400 United Methodists from across the globe singing. They come from Africa, Asia, Europe & North America, and have used Zoom, or similar software, so they can come together and sing. They are singing, ‘Christ the Lord is risen today’ by Charles Wesley. Please watch until the end of the video, it gave me goosebumps and almost had me in tears. It reminded that even though we may be apart, we can still find ways of celebrating the Risen Christ. Of course, we don’t expect to have 400 people joining! On Good Friday, I worshipped with 87 other people from the Saltbush community and even shared communion! On Easter Sunday there were 108 people.