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NSW/Act Synod Newsletter 24/07/2020

See below for link to the NSW/Act Synod Newsletter 24/07/2020.

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  • NSW Gov Letter 14/08/2020
    NSW Government letter to religious leaders, 14/08/2020. The NSW Gov letter 14/08/2020 particularly discusses COVID-19 clusters in churches, singing, mask wearing, physical distancing & completion of relevant safety plans.
  • COVID-19 Guidance Note 14
    Covid-19 Guidance Note 14 from the NSW/Act Synod of the Uniting Church in Australia.
  • NSW Chief health officer letter
    Please see attached letter from NSW Chief Health Officer to places of worship dated 29 Jul 2020. Note that she asks all churches to register with the NSW Government as COVID-safe.
  • NSW/Act Synod Newsletter 24/07/2020
    NSW/Act Synod Newsletter 24/07/2020