PreachFest is a 3-day festival created to inspire and enliven the craft, art and vocation of preaching across churches in Australia.

It is available in Sydney and Canberra plus online.

Through the lens of COVID, political changes, environmental concerns, local needs and the many other contextual realities of our time and place, we are going to explore some important questions:

  • What is the point of preaching?
  • Is the art of preaching dead?
  • Can preaching change anything?

Preachfest! is an inaugural event that has taken its cues from The Festival of Homiletics which is a week-long conference designed to inspire discourse about preaching, worship, and society that began in 1992.

Preachfest! will be livestreamed from hubs and you will have the opportunity to hear others preach, to network and share resources.  This event will provide a great opportunity for you to practice your art, fine tune your ability, and be encouraged by the array of teachers, leaders, and preachers, in person (Sydney and Canberra) and online and other interactive portals.

An event like this is made possible by the Uniting Mission and Education Vital Leadership team and will involve an impressive line up of speakers.

Speakers include:

  • Dr Anna Carter Florence (US)
  • Rev Dr Sam Wells (UK)
  • Michael Raiter
  • Mike Frost
  • Rev Dr Peter Hobson
  • Rev Dr Peter Walker
  • Rev Carolyn Francis

… and many more!

Preachfest takes place simultaneously at one location in Sydney, and two locations in Canberra, and there are virtual options for people who want to watch online via a live stream.



The cost to attend the 3-day festival in person will be $99.00 per person up until 30 April. After that, the full cost of $129.00 per person will apply. 

Live digital access to this year’s festival will be free, with downloadable videos available after the event for a fee of $50.00 per request. 

Note: Accommodation and main meals will be at your own expense; morning and afternoon tea will be provided each day of the festival. 

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Location Information

At a variety of locations in Sydney, Canberra & online

Eastern Riverina Uniting Churches